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March 18, 2004


Mark Miller

I had to respond to this:
"Wow. Let me see if I can translate this argument into one sentence: If my opponents refuse to fight me on terms that I dictate, they are bigots. I'll give Jonathan Rauch this: it takes a lot of brass to make that argument."

Deja vu. Justin was always trying this on me. Using phrases like "limited to certain arguments" and such. To which I responded, "I never said that you could not raise these arguments. I only explained why those arguments were not persuasive."

The most obvious example is the biblical objection to homosexuality argument. I've heard "you liberals discount the arguments that are the most powerful" to which I reply - 1) I don't consider myself a liberal and 2) go ahead, use that argument.

What some of these people don't get is that we're doing them a favor by identifying those arguments which, at best, make for great one-liners (i.e.: SSM = man-dog) but when reviewed with any level of reason, are logically unpersuasive.

And this is the thanks we get.

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