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January 14, 2004



Thank you for another excellent analysis! Regarding the matter of infertile heterosexual couples' not choosing to be infertile (i.e. "Infertile couples should be allowed to marry because they didn't choose to be infertile, whereas same-sex couples chose infertility by selecting a spouse of the same sex and thus can be denied marriage."): it occurred to me that Marquardt [and those sharing that viewpoint, if I understand correctly] are not taking into account those heterosexual couples where one or both parties involved did choose to be infertile, by having chosen sterilization as a contraceptive measure, perhaps in a previous relationship.

I'm sure those who argue against SSM for the reason that the parties involved "chose their infertilty" - by choosing a same-sex partner - would still hesitate to use their own logic to deny marriage to a heterosexual couple where, for example, the husband-to-be had previously had a vasectomy and could no longer become a biological parent.

The above objection strikes me as nothing but hairsplitting on the part of SSM opponents.

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