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January 21, 2004


Josephine Corcoran

I have no idea what would cause Lieberman to drop out because I have no idea of where he's hoping to pick up delegates or momentum.

He doesn't need momentum; he's got JOEmentum! And he could pick it up in the South or even a state like NY. He's an articulate and yet down-to-earth person, and with a bit more exposure, I think voters will see that he is the type of person we need as a president.

As for the other four serious candidates (Clark, Dean, Edwards, and Kerry)...

I would still consider Lieberman a serious contender, even moreso than Edwards.


Well, he does claim to have JOEmentum and is staying in the race at least another week. Delaware seems like his best chance next week. I never meant to imply that Lieberman wasn't a serious candidate. On the contrary he's a US Senator and former VP nominee. I meant that other than him there are four serious contenders. I don't consider Kucinich or Sharpton serious candidates. In particular, those two probably won't ever drop out. They're not running trying to win. I think Lieberman still believes he has some chance (if very slim) of winning.

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