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March 18, 2004


Mark Miller

You've really hit the nail-on-the-head with regard to the hypocrisy/double-standard here.

Personally, I think that the Socialist win in the Spain elections is not a positive event with regard to pulling their troops out of Iraq but you are absolutely correct that there will be those who use this fact to try and correlate "support gay marriage = support terrorism". (I can already hear Rush screaming about it).

Of course, when others try to correlate Hitler's activities with his 'pro-life' view on abortion, or Fidel Castro's activities with his view on homosexuals .... well they say that isn't fair at all (which it isn't).

So the moral of the story is that outrageous correlations of people to positions are fair when they can be used to demonize the view of the opposing side. But it is not fair when they are used by the opposing side for the same purposes.

I've written this before - demagoguery is a partisan issue.


I'm not really saying that Kurtz will say that "support gay marriage=support terrorism" (although I can't put it past him), rather that he seems to grasp for any straw to renounce SSM. He has consistently confused cause and effect even going so far as to say an effect necessarily reinforces the cause. That same ridiculous logic could lead to the laughable claim that I mention above.

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