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April 18, 2004



No apology is ever required for alliteration. ;-)


Actually alliteration apologies are always appropriate ;]


Conversely, I can't condone combining constantants to create such ca-ca; your composition could (and should) compel contrition.


so sorry


Silly Amp, is so severe! I celebrate the success of sumptuous sentences


yes, but alliteration allows a liberal allocation of allusions all with allure, as Allen had alluded.

ok, just had too.. and a comment about changing of language.

You are definately correct that even in the gay and lesbian community, which probably has a larger percentage of population that has an aversion to gender-typing and language than the general population, still overwhelmingly uses 'mother' and 'father' and their derivatives when refering to parenting roles, and in very gender-specific manners.

Most male same-sex couples with children (where both men have parental roles, legal or otherwise) have their children call them Daddy and Papa (or Papi) and to a lesser extent 'Daddy John' and 'Daddy Joe'.

Most female same-sex couples with children seem to be called by Mama and Mom, Mommy and Mama, etc. Many as 'Mama Jane' and 'Mama Jennifer' (or whatever their real first names are.

A smaller percentage call their parents by their first name, but this seems rare to me.

I have never seen, in literature, experience, or otherwise two same-sex parents called 'mom and dad' or 'parent 1' and 'parent 2' etc.

I think the terms "mother and father' are quite safe.


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