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April 08, 2004


Stark Raving Zionist

I definitely think this satisfies the mitzvah of making a ritual object beautiful.
That, and it makes up for all those years of cool advent calendar jealousy.

Leslie Goldman

Thank you for turning me on to the Homer
Omer site.

I needed this info.

It ties in with a project I have to
grow Omer Barley and Wheat to be
harvested at Shavuot.

The metaphor of Homer is brilliant!!!

and I love the article on Female orgasm
under the Feminist Link.

So please to find you!

Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

Please check out my Blog.

In growing the Omer Barley,
we come Home to ourselves and
restore the Temple for these days!
The Temple starts within us
and this fits with the arrival of the Messiah

Your Enchanted Gardener,


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Click on a small picture to see shocking photos:


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