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April 11, 2004



Hi Gabriel,
I have to admit.. I prefer your first syllogism...

The case for some:

The alternative to "one ought to do X" are:

"one ought not to do X" or
"one may do X or not, whichever pleases them".

My husband and I have no children. We are now planning our 20th anniversary. I hope the law will permit gays the same happy state will bein the near future.

Both syllogisms illustrate that, as the law stands, it bars a groups of people who clearly "ought" to marry from marrying.

I really don't think any amount of nitpicking can craft a syllogism based on the simple observation that parents, in any sense, should be married leads to the conclusion that gays should be barred from marrying.


And here I thought I was taking your advice by modifying/clarifying it. And you're right, one can nitpick to one's heart's content, but nothing leads to the conclusion that gays should be forbidden from marrying.

Mazel Tov on 20 years! My wife and I have been married less than two. We have no kids yet, and whether we decide to have kids or when is entirely our own business. We are no less married because of that. Nor is our marriage undermining the true meaning of marriage.


Ahh.. well.. Yours was correct to leading order. But it seemed clear from the questions others might require a solution good to second order.

I am trying to come up with a venue for posting unedited. Prior to editing for brevity, the post did include a sentence to indicate that I thought my own marriage was ok.

(Actually, editing for brevity, which I did was not a big problem. I compared what I finally sent, and I'd say, the post passed through a 'no-irony' filter.)


I like typepad. My wife got me a subscription for Chanukkah. I think the basic plan runs around $45 a year. Before that I kept a journal at livejournal which was free, but there were some things I didn't like about it stylewise and I think I get more readership through typepad.

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