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May 21, 2004



Enforcing the 1913 law again -- after years of no enforcement, and as a result of the marriage of same-sex couples, is where I see the problem for the state of Mass. It's not that they won't be able to defend the law, it's whether they will be able to defend it in this case.


True Keith. But if I were gay, not a citizen of Mass, and it was my goal to get married, I would wish to minimize the doubt as to the legality of my marriage. I would go to Canada and get married.

I would not want to set myself up to be a court test case, or even rely on a court test case. Proving Gov. Romney right or wrong would be less important to me than being married.

On the other hand, I would follow the case in the papers, obviously form an opinion of Gov. Romney and other people's stands, and vote during elections.


That's a good point Keith, but I still think it's going to be a tought case to prove. Romney has tried to ensure that the law would be enforced evenhandedly on same-sex and opposite-sex couples alike. (His presentation to the clerks can be found on GLAD's site here.) As for why they are going through any effort to enforce it at all now they can point to the dramatic increase in numbers of couples seeking to marry in Massachusetts in evasion of the marriage laws of their home state. Still, I know GLAD plans on challenging the law in the near future and I look forward to reading their case in detail before making any final judgements. These thoughts were just my initial reaction.

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